Angela's Recital

It has been a very bizarre last few weeks. An unfortunate situation at our rental home forced us to find a new home and move in a very short amount of time. But James, Tula, and I are settling in to our new home and are grateful to be leaving the drama of the old home behind us. I am happy in our new house, though it is still a completely disheveled mess! It did not have a fence, but our new property manager gave us permission to install a temporary fence, which I did today. We also installed a doggie door for Tula, so now she has access to outside without the possibility of her wandering off. I know she likes the freedom of being inside or out!

And all of this happened during the last weeks of classes! Needless to say, it's been a stressful few weeks. A highlight, however, has been my Master's student Angela, who just performed her recital. I am so proud of the work she did this year. It was a challenging program, and her performance tonight was the best I'd heard from her. Yay Angela!

Happy practicing!