I am in Louisville, KY attending the American String Teachers Association national conference. So far I've only been to the downtown part of Louisville, but it seems like a very hip area! My day yesterday was full of ridiculous occurrences-- basically anything that could go wrong did. But I finally made it to Louisville, checked in to the hotel, went across the street to the convention center and picked up my conference packet, and then met up with Daphne Gerling, Hillary Herndon, and Kate Lewis, with whom I had dinner. After dinner, a bunch of Kate's students, some of Daphne's students, and Ivo-Jan Wan der Werff joined all of us in a wonderful viola ensemble reading party. Well, it was really a rehearsal for the ladies' session later this afternoon-- I am joining the other viola professors on a most excellent transcription of the Brahms B flat sextet second movement (same piece I played with Daphne in Brasilia in October).

So now I'm off for a quick breakfast and to start absorbing knowledge. Conferences can be very overwhelming, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot of tips and interesting information while I'm here.

Happy practicing!