Very Good Viola Day

Today has been a very good viola day! I had my first rehearsal with the BSSO for next week's Bartok Concerto performance (which can be streamed live on Thursday 16 October at 7:30 EST here). There were a few rough patches, but we started and ended together, so that's good! The woodwinds sounded especially good on all of their exposed solos, so that was a great relief. It'll be easier to make music feeling confident in the ensemble behind me. I'm not ready to share a video clip (I might share over the weekend, but need to do some more listening first), but here's a photo from this afternoon.

A few hours after rehearsal, my doctoral student Nataliya Nizhalova gave a STELLAR recital! I am so very proud of her. I actually had tears in my eyes as she drew the last note of her Hindemith sonata. Nataliya is a violinist who has been studying viola for one year now, and she truly sounds like a violist. It's been such a pleasure working with her, and to see all of her hard work come to fruition in tonight's recital.

And once I got home I had a slew of packages waiting for me-- potential gowns for next week's show! Fun! While I'm not sure any of them will do, it was fun dressing up and getting James' input on the various dresses. I'll see if I find something more interesting over the weekend, otherwise I might have to recycle a dress I already own-- oh horror! :)

Happy practicing!