April Recital Videos

Yesterday I finally figured out how the new iMovie works, and I edited all of my recital videos from my April recital!  I'll be posting these videos soon, and will work on the Viola Day videos this next week. I hadn't thought much about my recital since it happened, but watching the videos yesterday, I am pretty darn happy with how it went. There were a few things here and there, but then again, it was live performance. Nothing ever goes as perfectly as when you're alone in a practice room, eh?

For your viewing pleasure is Bene, by Salvatore "Sonny" LoCascio. I was first introduced to this work a few months before my recital. Sonny submitted it to be performed at the National Society of Composers conference that was hosted at Ball State. It was chosen, and I agreed to perform it. I enjoyed the work so much I programmed it on my recital, which was a few weeks after the conference. 

What's very cool is that Sonny is now a Doctoral composing student at Ball State, AND he plays in the Viola Choir! Isn't that a fun full-circle story? He's currently working on a viola sonata, which I hope to perform one day too.

Until then, more Bartok! Happy practicing!