The Grind

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks! Once I settled down from the excitement of my Bartok performance (which is now available on my Listen page), it was time to learn chamber music! On November 9th I am performing with some of my colleagues for Elizabeth Richter's harp recital, and on November 23rd I am performing with the American Piano Trio. We are playing two very difficult chamber works-- the Shostakovich Piano Quintet and the Arensky String Quartet (with Joel Braun, double bass, playing the second cello part). Rehearsals have been fruitful but time consuming, and some of those passages (in the Arensky especially) are quite tricky. And on top of preparing for those concerts, this week I'm playing with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, but I am only playing the Brahms Symphony No. 2, as the rest of the pieces on the program have reduced string sections.

Amidst all of the rehearsing and practicing, I'm even managing to stick to a somewhat altered teaching schedule. I'm very grateful to my students for their flexibility-- it is sometimes difficult to fit everything into one week, but somehow I'm managing!

Happy practicing!