Calendar of Events

Well, apparently blogging about my frustration at my white board did the trick! I've been at my computer most of the day (interspersed with practicing Brahms and baking cookies for my neighbor as a thank you for helping me clear snow a few weeks ago), and have checked off 10 of the 15 items that are on it (I added a few more after posting).

New to my website is a Calendar of Events! I've included events lined up for the rest of the semester, so mark your calendars, and come see me perform! I'm performing two recitals (one solo, one chamber), as well as joining viola sections in orchestras across Indiana. I will update the Calendar as I schedule new events. Fun!

And I uploaded a few more videos to the Listen page.

Phew! Being productive feels good. I think I'll break for dinner and perhaps even try to finish another item or two on the list... Can you imagine?!

Happy productivity, indeed!