Field of Flags

A few weeks ago, James got me an excellently wonderful gift: a brand new road bike! A really special feature of this part of the country is the Cardinal Greenway.  It is a 62-mile converted railroad that is closed to motorized vehicles. In Muncie, very near our house, the White River Greenway connects to the Cardinal Greenway, and I have been going for bike rides on my awesome new bike.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 7.51.42 PM.png

While I've never even gotten close to the full trail, I am getting faster and better at road biking, and I really enjoy it. This evening I came across a beautiful sight at Muncie's Minnetrista Cultural Center.


It is a field of flags, in honor of those fallen during and after the September 11th attacks.   I found this both spectacularly beautiful, and quite touching. I still distinctly remember that day, nearly 12 years ago, and am moved to find myself in a community, so far from where the attacks occurred, memorializing America's fallen.

I added another feather to Muncie's cap this morning:  I won tickets to Saturday's Ball State football game (against Army!) simply for listening to Indiana Public Radio. How much more patriotic can today get? The promise of free football followed by a field of flags? Sometimes I find myself distinctly proud to be an American. Today is one of those days.

Happy practicing.