BSU Begins

On Monday, classes began at Ball State. The summer went by quickly, filled with moving boxes, moving hassles (including a tow truck towing the 26-foot Penske truck that was towing James' car), new house woes (all worked out now!), a quick vacation to West Virginia, and a week of orientation activities before classes started six days ago. It has been a whirlwind month, but finally I feel more-or-less settled in our house and in my office. It is a beautiful office. I cannot get over the amazing facilities in which I now work! What an incredibly pleasant place to go to work every day.

And I finally have time to really practice again. I am preparing for a recital in early October, and have spent a good portion of this day off (!) working on some of the pieces I'll be performing. More than the rest, I find myself playing the Reger Solo Suite No. 2 in D major, which I utterly love. I truly enjoyed working on the First suite for my recital at Tech last October, and am, again, truly enjoying working on this second Suite. What amazing music. I'll have to prepare the Third for my next recital. :)

I think my favorite part of being a string player is the ability to play multiple sustained notes at the same time. I can accompany myself, and especially appreciate doing it to the refined music Reger composed in these Solo Suites for Viola.

Happy practicing, indeed!