Good-bye Texas

Well, it has finally arrived: My last day living in Texas. I've lived in the Lone Star state for nearly seven years, and in only a few hours I will depart for the foreseeable future. 

I've been packing for weeks. James arrived home on Friday, and then we packed together. This morning we picked up our Penske truck, and spent all day loading the truck and cleaning out our rental home. It is now nearly 11 PM, the house is empty but for breakfast items and an air mattress, and in the morning we'll begin our long journey to Indiana. 

We are exhausted. Physically and mentally spent. And so it turns out that I don't have the energy to write about my year in Lubbock, let alone the preceding six in Denton.  For now let me simply say, Texas has been good to me.

Thank you great Lone Star state!

Happy practicing.