Hello, Muncie

On Friday I embarked on my "Wedding Sandwich" weekend (as Nataliya Sukhina called it). From Lubbock I drove to Denton, TX, where I met with my friend Robin Coffelt, and then we drove down to Dallas, where we had dinner at a super yummy tapas restaurant, Samar, then attended a talk by Margaret Atwood, a contemporary and extremely prolific Canadian writer. She is Robin's favorite author, and I have now read two of her novels-- she is a fantastic writer. She has such a special way of expressing the simple things in life, and her prose is engaging and really sticks in your brain. Here is a photo of us while Ms. Atwood signs our books.

photo copy 4.JPG

The following day, we had a lazy morning hanging out in downtown Denton, which I realized I already miss very much. I spent six years in Denton, and now that it is so far away and I am finally leaving Texas, I must admit a certain (bizarre) nostalgia has developed. I never thought I would love Texas as much as I have grown to love it... You know, coming from Boston and all. ;)

Later that day, Robin and I went to a wedding (Wedding One of the Sandwich). Most beautiful couple ever? Why, yes, I think so. These are our climbing friends Mike and Hella, who are just fantastically wonderful people. And beautiful and smart and talented to boot!


Then yesterday morning (Sunday) I started the long drive to Muncie, Indiana. I made it to St. Louis, Missouri, where I stayed with Susanna Self (whom played with me on my recital in October 2012). Then this morning, I headed northeast to Indiana.

And here I find myself, in Muncie. This evening I was able to look at two potential rental homes for next year, and have a bunch of appointments for tomorrow. On Friday morning I will fly back to Dallas, where I will again go to Denton to stay with Robin, and we will, again (on Saturday), go to a wedding--- hence the "Wedding Sandwich" weekend.

It's a lot to deal with in a short amount of time, and James is overseas, so I find myself doing it all alone. But, in a lot of ways, it is also extremely exciting and liberating. I am getting to explore the town in which I will live, and so far, I am impressed. Everything is GREEN, as opposed to the early June yellow of Texas. When I went to the Indiana welcome center, I was greeted by clear blue skies, a cool breeze, green green green vegetation, and a fresh smell in the air. It was welcoming. It made me happy. In addition to all of that, Muncie has a welcoming small-town feel, much like Denton. 

I must admit this is all fairly stressful, so we'll see what happens. It's a lot for 9 days, but I am optimistic.

Happy practicing!