KTTZ, Lubbock!

On Sunday afternoon, a few of my friends and I are collaborating on a Mother's Day-themed concert at the Museum of Texas Tech University. The concert is as 3 PM in the Helen DeVitt Sculpture Court, and is free to the public.

I will be performing with Chuck Seipp, trumpet; Tiffany Holmes, flute; and Nataliya Sukhina, piano. My year at Texas Tech has been really special, in large part to these three individuals, all of whom I befriended early on in my time at Tech.

Nataliya and I played together in my recital in October, but I've never had the opportunity to play with Chuck or Tif... until now that is. Chuck came up with some really clever arrangements of some classical favorites, that despite the odds, work really well with our bizarre quartet. It has been a lot of fun rehearsing and making music with people who are dear to my heart.

This morning we had a radio spot with Clint Barrick, who is the director of programming at KTTZ, the local NPR radio station. Clint also is an accompanist at the School of Music, and during our tenure at Tech, Clint has performed with some of my and some of Chuck's students. It's really fun to know the person whose voice you hear every day as you drive around town! 

This morning Chuck and I met Clint at his studio, and did a quick radio interview. Nicky Ladkin, assistant director for operations at the Museum at Texas Tech, was also there. It's the first time I've been interviewed for an upcoming performance (and LIVE at that!), but it was really fun and special. Here are a few photos of the four of us in the studio.


What fun! I'm really looking forward to playing with my friends on Sunday afternoon. I hope you can join us!

Until then, happy practicing!