A Musical Celebration

Shortly after starting work at Texas Tech in August, I began to develop friendships with a couple of people who have really made this year special. Nataliya Sukhina (the pianist at my recital back in October) and I knew each other in passing back in Denton, but  became actual friends in Lubbock. When I met Tif Holmes, who is an excellent flautist and also the Recital Hall Manager for Hemmle Recital Hall in the TTU School of Music, my initial impressions of her being down-to-earth and easy-going turned out to be true. Plus she's an excellent photographer! And Chuck Seipp, who was also a visiting professor this year (of trumpet), and I became buddies early on.

Chuck and I are leaving Tech in a few weeks, so the four of us are giving a concert tomorrow afternoon. It happens to fall on Mother's Day, so there's a "feminine twist" to some of the program, but mostly it's a celebration of the friendship the four of us developed this year. I can't count the amount of times the four of us got together for food or other fun, or were just there for each other when going through tough times. 

The concert is at 3 PM in the Helen DeVitt Sculpture Court at the Museum of Texas Tech. It is free, and will feature some clever renditions of classical favorites-- after all, there isn't any music composed for flute, viola, trumpet, and piano. :) The entrance to the space is on the Indiana side of the Museum (Indiana and 4th).

We just finished our dress rehearsal, and I think it's going to be a really special concert. I am so blessed to have made friends with whom I can laugh and cry (but mostly laugh), AND make music. It is truly special, and I will miss this wacky bunch so very much.

Here are some photos from the dress rehearsal today (thanks Tif!) and the 4 of us (with Chuck's wife, Julie) being silly yesterday at dinner.

I hope you can join us for a special afternoon tomorrow at 3.

Happy practicing.