Viola Party

Today was officially my last day at Texas Tech University. I and the rest of the string faculty listened to string juries all day. Most of them were really great, and I am especially proud of my violists who have worked so hard this year.

This evening we had an end-of-the-year viola celebration. It was at my house (which thankfully I had time to clean between juries and people arriving!), and it was a potluck. I provided some essentials (pasta salad, chips and dip, veggies, etc.) and others brought cinnamon rolls, cookies, more chips, pizza rolls, guacamole, another salad... It was a smorgasbord of yummy food.

And now that everyone has left, I am both incredibly satisfied, and incredibly sad. I feel like I finally got to know most of the students fairly well, and now I'm leaving. It takes a while to develop trust, and I think I finally reached that stage, even with those who were most resistant to my Coordination methods. But now I'm leaving and they will have to develop a relationship with their new teacher, and I will start from scratch at Ball State.

It is a very sad and overwhelming, yet thrilling, prospect all at the same time.

Shortly after I learned that I was hired at Texas Tech, my friend Robin gave me a James Avery Texas Tech charm necklace. I wore it on and off all year, and in the last few weeks, wore it a LOT. I probably won't wear it anymore once I leave Lubbock, which will be soon. It, as is almost everything else, is a bittersweet reality.

photo copy.JPG

Thank you for an amazing year, Texas Tech University.

Happy practicing.