Robertson's Violin Shop

At the beginning of Spring Break a few weeks ago, my boyfriend James and I drove out to Albuquerque, NM. We brought my viola so that I could leave it at Roberson and Sons Violin Shop while we continued on to our Spring Break adventures. I'd never been to the shop before, but met some of its excellent employees at TMEA in February and thought it would be a good opportunity to solidify my connection with the shop. Justin Robertson took us on a tour of the amazing facility, and I was confident that I was leaving my viola in good hands.

photo copy 2.JPG

On our way back from Nevada-- where we camped, hiked, and climbed for a week-- we stopped back at the shop to get my instrument. Justin did some amazing work, and now my viola sounds completely wonderful. I was able to play in the beautiful Concert Hall and received individualized attention from President and Founder Don Robertson. I told him that if I had a practice space that sounded as wonderful as their Hall, I'd never stop practicing! He laughed, and after I purchased a slew of viola music, James and I drove the rest of the way home to Lubbock.

What's pretty amazing is that, even in my regular practice spaces, my viola still sounds amazing. I'm enjoying playing so much more these days. It really is imperative to take care of your instrument.

Happy practicing, indeed!