Dr. Gerling

Last week Dr. Daphne Gerling came to Lubbock and taught a masterclass to some of my students. Daphne teaches at the University of North Texas (though she didn't start there until after I had graduated, so I didn't know her until later), and is the State-side mastermind behind the Festival of Strings: Nathan Schwartzman in Uberlandia, Brazil that I attended in October. You can read my first blog about my amazing trip to Brazil here

It was wonderful to see Daphne again! What an incredible woman she is... And a great teacher and violist! In my experience, violists are a good bunch. :)

Daphne heard the Rachmaninov Vocalise, the Hummel Fantasia, the second movement of Schumann's Fairy Tales, and the first movement of the Brahms G major viola quintet. Lots of great music, and of course she had some excellent comments. I wish I'd blogged about it last week, because now the details are fuzzy, and so very much has happened since then, including my last trip to play with the Abilene Philharmonic, and another performance of the Abbie Betinis piece I performed with the TTU Women's Chorale, this time in Odessa, TX. More on that later.

My goodness, the end of the semester is fast approaching, yet there is still SO much to get done.

Thank you Dr. Gerling for coming to Lubbock! Unfortunately I neglected to have someone take a picture of us together last week, but here's one from Brazil.


Happy practicing!