Music in Motion

This weekend Lubbock is hosting an Arts Festival. While I haven't had a chance to check out any of the art yet (I hope to tomorrow), I am participating in the festival by performing with the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra tonight. The concert is called Music in Motion, and I just found this cute video promoting the concert:

Last night's show was a great success, and I'm looking forward to an even better performance tonight! In addition to Beethoven's Sixth Symphony (Pastorale), the other big piece on the program is the Bartok Divertimento for Strings. It is a difficult piece, and as principal viola, I have quite a few solos-- though none of them longer than a measure or two at a time. It's a really interesting piece that I didn't know until I got the music for this concert, but I really like it!

One of my favorite things about being a professional musician is that there is ALWAYS more music out there! How rewarding!

Happy practicing!