College Music Society

This evening I write from Brownsville, TX. My my, I have been traveling so very much this year! What an adventure. I am in Brownsville for the College Music Society regional chapter conference (South Central Chapter). It starts bright and early tomorrow morning, and by Saturday night I'll be back home in Lubbock. It's a quick trip, but I expect I'll learn a lot and meet some amazing new people.

As the Treasurer of the South Central Chapter, I've been working via email with other board members for months. It's going to be a real pleasure to meet these people in person! It's pretty amazing how you can establish a rapport with someone whose voice you've never heard and whose face you've never seen. Technology truly is amazing.

It's been a long day of work and travel (including a delay on the second leg of the trip) and I have to be up early, so this is just a brief post. But I'm looking forward to the conference tomorrow. It's always amazing the things you learn at conferences!

Happy practicing.