TMEA, part 2

Well, now that I'm back in Lubbock and in the thick of things, it's a little hard to remember all of the details of the TMEA experience. But one thing stands out-- I met Mark Wood and got to play on one of his extra cool electric instruments! He has engineered an electric violin/viola (I think it comes in up to 6 strings, and can be made with frets or without!) called the Viper which straps to the player's body, so that the player is in no way responsible for holding the instrument in place. It's a very Coordination-y idea-- complete physical freedom! Here's a photo of my friend Robin playing a Viper-- look at the freedom in her neck! 

photo copy 2.JPG

I wonder if such a set up would be feasible to create for acoustic instruments? It was very freeing. I generally am quite relaxed when I play, and have worked for years to remove tension from my playing, but all of that was taken to a new level on the Viper. Knowing that no matter what I did or how I moved, the instrument would NOT slip away, was pretty awesome. :)

Here's a picture of the three of us. Fun!

photo copy 4.jpg

Happy practicing.