Tonight I had the pleasure of performing with the Ball State Symphony Orchestra, led by Maestro Doug Droste and his graduate student, Javier. We performed Vaughn-Williams' Overture to the Wasps, Elgar's Cello Concerto, with Peter Opie, and Elgar's Enigma Variations. I had a lot of fun, I truly did, and it was a great concert!!

It's interesting, because, as a professional musician, I have played with A LOT of different orchestras in my life time. When Doug asked me to help fill in the viola section, I came to rehearsal on Tuesday with a lot on my mind, but figured since I'd played all the pieces except the Vaugh-Williams, it would be okay if I was distracted.

It was a good lesson for me, because I kept making mistakes and quickly realized that, even though we were rehearsing pieces I'd played many times before, I still have to be 100% committed to the rehearsal, and not be distracted by other things. Once I "turned off" the other things running around in my head, I was able to engage more in the rehearsal and not feel like I was there because I HAD to be, but because I enjoy making music! And the rehearsal actually seemed to go by very quickly, because I was engaged and a true participant in the music-making process.

Tonight's concert was really fun. I'm so proud of my freshman student, Iesha Alspaugh, who took on the challenging solos in the Enigma Variations and played wonderfully! And of course Peter Opie sounded amazing! What a fantastic and emotional work. I simply love it. Word on the street is there's a pretty good viola transcription...  :p

It was a wonderful evening, and I left the hall with that feeling you only get after a great performance. Thanks BSSO for letting me make music with you tonight!

Happy practicing.