Human Performance Lab

Months ago, when I interviewed for my current position at Ball State, I was delighted to learn of BSU's Human Performance Lab. It is a truly state-of-the-art facility that, you guessed it, researches human performance and movemement. Yesterday I had the good fortune of having a tour of this amazing space, by none other than Mitch Whaley, the Dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Technologies, of which the HPL is a part.

As he showed me the space and told me about the research that is conducted (including work with NASA astronauts!), we bumped in to professors Scott Trappe and Tony Mahon, two of the "heavy hitters" in the lab. Dr. Trappe told Dean Whaley and myself about some of the research the lab is doing with astronauts, and the incredible technology they have that lets them look at individual human muscle fibers, among other things. I was really blown away!

It's truly inspiring working at an institution that is doing such state-of-the-art, important research. My interest in the HPL, besides the coolness factor of it (!), is the possibility of collaborating on a Music and Medicine project. The Biomechanics Laboratory is probably where any research I collaborate on will take place. I'm still in the very early stages of idea development, but am encouraged by the inspirational people who work at the HPL, and the incredible data they produce. Exciting!

Happy practicing!