One down...

Yesterday was most excellent. I woke up without an alarm, had a lazy breakfast (and lots of kisses from Tula dog before getting out of bed!), played a lot of long, slow notes on viola, cleaned the house, relaxed, played some not-so-slow notes on viola, and finally got all gussied up and went to "work." 

I put work in quotes because it didn't feel like work. It was fun. That's the best part of my job-- I get to play viola with amazing musicians! 

The recital went quite well, and there was a good audience there too. It was a lot of fun, and I'm excited for Friday's performance. 

Here we are, post recital: Elizabeth Richter, me, and Mihoko Watanabe.

And did I mention that I'm heading back to the Festival de Cordas, Nathan Schwartzman on Saturday? Yup, after my next recital this week, I'll pack up my bags and head back to Uberlandia Brazil, for more teaching, rehearsing, and performing. Fun fun fun! 

I love my job! 

Happy practicing.   :-)