I hit the ground running when I landed in Indianapolis a few days ago, and haven't stopped since. My first tenure review binder is due on Friday, so that, and catching up with students and emails and snail mail, has taken up all of my time. 

"Real" posts will follow in the next days. Until then, here's a charming photo that gives me a great laugh every time I see it. Annie Chalex Boyle and I are both very tall.  Daphne's grandmother, Cora Pavan Caparelli, is not. Cora was our amazing Festival host, leaving her house open for us (with lots and lots of FOOD) every day, and of course, is the mastermind behind the entire Festival de Cordas, Nathan Schwartzman. What a wonderful photo! This is after I performed the Reger last Wednesday.

photo copy.JPG

As Cora put it, she's a pigmy, and we're Amazonian... hah!

Happy practicing!