On Thursday evening, the international guest faculty performed our chamber music recital. We opened the program with Mozart's viola quintet, K516. Annie Chalex Boyle played first violin, Kirsten Yon played second violin, Nathan Cook was the cellist, and Daphne Gerling and I played the viola parts, switching half-way through. It was a little scary, because we didn't have enough rehearsal time, and yet we still managed to create beautiful music that was quite moving. I enjoyed it so very much! 

The second half of the concert was the Brahms Piano Quintet (what an incredible piece!), with Kirsten and Annie switching violin roles, Nathan on cello, Susan Dubois on viola, and Cristina Capparelli on piano. It was amazing. I was turning pages for Cristina so didn't get the full audience effect, but watching the notes fly by on the score and listening to the intricacies was it's own truly valuable experience. 

Here's a photo from after the concert:  Left to right, Cristina, Annie, me, Susan, Daphne, Kirsten, and Nathan.


I'm off to watch a rehearsal, so more soon. 

Happy practicing!