Phew! It has been BUSY! Rehearsals and teaching and eating and rehearsing and teaching and sometimes even sleeping! 

Tonight I performed the second Reger Suite at the same church in which I performed the first Reger Suite last year. I got wonderful comments from my colleagues and the audience, including my favorite comment from Fredi Gerling, who coordinates the Festival. He said, "you are the only person who makes me like Reger," so I am feeling good about my performance. :-) Generally if I don't remember it, it went well... and I don't remember much! I will post photos or a video if I get any.

Tomorrow is our big chamber music performance, and I am very much looking forward to that! The Mozart Quintet (K516) will be wonderful, and the Brahms Piano Quintet sounds absolutely amazing!  I'm happy I'm not playing on it so I can just listen and enjoy!

Music is such a powerful thing. Even though many of the Brazilians don't speak English and I don't speak a lick of Portuguese, we speak to each other with our instruments and the music we are sharing. It is wonderful.

Happy practicing!