Miami Shower!

It's true-- I took a shower in the Admiral's Club in Miami. Mostly because I COULD, but it was surprisingly refreshing and wonderful to be in an enclosed private space for a little bit. Part of traveling that is so exhausting, I think, is the constant stimulation from all of the bustle-- TV screens flashing everywhere, constant announcements in many languages, merchandise and food around every corner, and people, people, people! It felt like a bit of heaven to have a little time to myself... Though I must admit that when a voice came over the PA system while I was shampooing my hair, it took me a second to realize what was actually happening, and not that someone had walked into my locked chamber!! Hah! 



I still have nearly four hours to pass here in Miami before boarding the flight to Brasilia. In Brasilia I will wait for another 7 hours, before flying to Sao Paolo, and then finally to Uberlandia. I'll arrive at my destination exactly 36 hours after leaving my house in Muncie. Ugh! Nearly 20 hours of layovers do not make for the best travel arrangements, but alas, that is my fate this trip. 

So, I'll do a little work now, before I become too tired, but I probably won't blog again until I'm in Uberlandia. I don't know what the internet access will look like in the Brasilia airport. I hope I'm able to sleep on the flight, otherwise tomorrow will be quite rough!

Happy traveling? So far, so good.