Another adventure

It's amazing-- my recital was less than 24 hours ago, and it already feels like ancient history! Mostly, I'm quite happy with how it went-- I'll post more once I'm able to view the video and hear the recording. :) 

Currently I am in Washington Reagan Airport, waiting for my next flight on the long series of flights that will take me to Uberlandia and the Festival de Cordas, Nathan Schwartzman. My sweetheart, James, was an INCREDIBLE sweetheart, and bought for me a one-day pass to the AA Admiral's Club, which is where I'm whittling away the wait time now. 


Apparently the one in Miami has showers!! :-) And I'll be in Miami for 6 hours,  so that should be really nice.

On my flight from Indianapolis, I chatted with my neighbor, and telling him about my travels made me feel really lucky. Not everyone has a job they love that takes them across the world to do more of what they love. I am blessed and so grateful for these amazing opportunities. Life is good. 

Happy practicing.