It has been a slow and rainy day today. But that means I have, so far, gotten a lot done. There is a certain freedom in knowing that I have an ENTIRE day during which I don't have to be somewhere. I practiced for hours, answered a lot of emails, caught up with friends and chatted with co-workers on the phone, and even started updating my website. 

While browsing the internet, I found this wonderful article about my first viola teacher, Michelle LaCourse, who won Boston University's Metcalf Cup and Prize in Teaching Excellence in 2009. My first lesson with Michelle was during my third year at BU, and I remember being blown away by her attention to the way I stood and the way I "held" my viola (in quotes because now I know it's not to be held at all-- it must balance). That was my introduction to Karen Tuttle's Coordination method, and I was hooked. And here I am, more than a decade later, saying similar things to my students to what she said to me in my early days of viola-playing. Amazing. I am truly blessed to have had such caring and devoted viola teachers. 

Happy practicing.