Bow Balance, not Hold

Every single one of my students that had a lesson today, had an excellent lesson. It is wonderful to see them progressing, each in their own way. There is one particular student who, after months of misgivings, finally had a breakthrough concerning correct bow technique.

See, the bow is not meant to be held, per se-- it should balance between the fingers. An analogy I often use is to imagine a tree without leaves-- if a plastic bag gets blown into the tree, the branches do not hold on to the bag, but rather the bag gets stuck. The tree does not exert effort to keep the bag in place, yet the bag stays within the branches of the tree. "Holding" a bow is actually a delicate transfer of weight between the pinky and index finger, while balanced on the thumb. This balance is necessary for an excellent bow hold that will allow the violist to perform staccato and legato alike, and is necessary for producing the richest tone possible. 


See? Relaxed and balanced, with little effort but amazing results.

Happy practicing!