Bach, Mozart, and Elgar

I am in Abilene, rehearsing with-- and performing tomorrow-- the Abilene Philharmonic. It's a great program-- we are playing the original chamber version of Bach's Third Brandenburg Concerto (I'm playing third viola), which is really fun. It's rare to play chamber music in a symphonic environment, and even more rare to see our maestro, David Itkin, at a harpsichord! But it's great. We are also performing Mozart's last symphony, No. 41 in C major, which is a wonderful piece.

To round out the program, we are playing Elgar's Cello Concerto, with cellist Julie Albers. Last time I played Elgar was with Yo-Yo Ma, but I have to say, Ms. Albers plays a mean Elgar! I was afraid it would be a disappointing experience after the last time (read the blog here), but she is excellent, and the APO sounds great. The music is just so moving and beautiful that I am not at all disappointed. Excellent music making weekend!

Happy practicing!