Yesterday was a great day. I slept in (oh my, how I needed that!), woke up refreshed and happy, cooked a super yummy omelet for breakfast, and started practicing. After about an hour and a half of getting to know my LSO music better, I headed to the Rec Center.

I actually ran two full miles on the track, averaging about a 9.5 minute mile. It's not fast or glorious, but I'm happy with my slow progress back to being a runner. Then I climbed stairs for 35 minutes, and ended out my workout by strength training my legs and abs. A very good session.

I came home for a shower, some more practice, and another super yummy meal. My, how nice weekends are! I can actually cook! And finally I headed to TTU for my very first LSO rehearsal. It was great fun! I was actually surprised when our conductor, David Cho called break time. I think it's going to be a great year with LSO, and I am so very excited about playing with Yo-Yo Ma tomorrow! 

After rehearsal I went to a new friend's house, where I had a few raw figs from her fig tree. I'd never had a raw fig before, but they're delicious! What a treat. She even gave me a few to take home and enjoy today.


It was a wonderful day. Now I'm gearing up for two LSO rehearsals and some editing of a student's DMA paper. No time to get to the Rec Center today, unfortunately. Ah well, I'm glad I got a great workout in yesterday.

Happy practicing!