What a week!

Well, I haven't been a slouch this week, that's for sure. I taught 25 lessons, had 9 rehearsals, played 4 concerts, attended one, and managed to squeeze in a trip to the vet to have Tula's stitches removed. I also finagled a way-overdue massage for myself (which helped my thumb feel better).

Wowzer-- I'm tired!

So, with all of that activity, I didn't get nearly enough practicing in (or any exercise! I feel like a slug!). The dress rehearsal for my recital is tomorrow afternoon. There's a myth that bad dress rehearsals mean the actual concert will be great-- I hope that my dress isn't bad (of course) but if it is, at least I have a good excuse, and another chance to support the myth!

This week, there will be much happy practicing.

To you too, I hope!