Viola Class

I think tonight's studio class was especially interesting. After a few people played this evening, we all read an article by renowned viola pedagogue Heidi Castleman entitled Five  Common Causes for Injury in Violists. We discussed the different ideas, most of which I've already been espousing to my students, and had some good conversation about the importance of listening to your body.

One of my students got a new chin rest in the mail, so after class I helped him set it up, and we worked on his instrument fit a bit. A few other students stayed around and watched, looking at how the new chin rest let his body stay in a much more neutral position when he held the viola.

It was a great day.

While looking up Ms. Castleman's article just now, I came across my own dissertation (complete with wonky formatting) available on the internet! How do such things happen!?

Happy practicing.