Pizzicato a go-go

In the last movement of the Schulhoff Concertino (for Flute, Viola, and Bass), there is an extended flute cadenza, during which the bass and viola pizzicato. The bass has eighth notes, while the viola has sixteenth notes.


Starting at measure 33, the right hand is to pizz the big beats, while the left hand pizzes the off beats (indicated by the + sign under the notes). The quarter note is at 142... so it's FAST. Thankfully, it is only open strings, but I still find my fingers fumbling over the passage. 

I've found that the best way to work up something difficult is to religiously practice it with a metronome, slowly increasing the speed. I've been working the last movement of the Reger in the same fashion, so I think I will successfully execute both... You'll have to come to my recital to find out! 5 October at 7:30 PM in Hemmle Recital Hall at Texas Tech University. :)

Happy practicing!