A good Saturday.

It is a little after 8 PM on a Saturday, and I just opened my computer for the first time today. If for no other reason, that makes today a success! I find myself so bogged down in paperwork and emails and that I am so often in front of my computer taking care of STUFF, that it is really great to have a day where I am able to function without it! :)

I woke up late, made a fantastic omelette (and a special breakfast for Tula, who is doing great), practiced for a good long while, did laundry, went for a 2.5 mile run, and cleaned the house. I even treated myself to a super delicious steak dinner. Oh Day Off, how lovely you are.

While practicing today, I was thinking about my upcoming recital (Friday 5 October at 7:30 in Hemmle Recital Hall at Texas Tech University). I'm not sure in what order to perform the four pieces I have programmed. At first I was thinking chronological order (Mozart, Brahms, Reger, Schulhoff), but perhaps Mozart, Reger, Schulhoff, Brahms is better? I think I want to open with Mozart-- the Kegelstadt Trio is just such a nice piece and a great way to start a program... The Reger is the most difficult, for me, so maybe I should start with that to "get it over with?" But I really love the piece, and it showcases my abilities well... Plus, it is more traditional to start with a solo work, so starting with Reger is good.... But the Mozart is so great too! The Brahms has a perfectly wonderful ending, but then, so does the Schulhoff. But if I start with Mozart and end with Schulhoff, I have to do the Reger and Brahms back-to-back. D'oh! Choices choices. Any suggestions?

Happy practicing!