Tula day.

I have a small poodle named Tula. This morning I took her to a vet, because an unusual spot she had on her side ruptured yesterday. Turns out it was nothing serious-- the vet likened it to an infected ingrown hair, but I did have to leave Tula at the veterinary hospital for the morning, while the vet removed the spot.

I picked her up after about an hour and when I finally got her home, she was sleepy and woozy from the anesthesia, and a lot more needy than I've ever seen her. She is just the sweetest little dog, and I couldn't bring myself to leave her side-- every time I started to go to another room, she would start whimpering and try to follow me on wobbly legs. It was very cute, but it also broke my heart a little. So I actually cancelled the two lessons I was to teach today, so I could stay home with Tula.

As the anesthesia wore off and the morning turned in to afternoon, she started to act like herself again, and now that it's evening, she's back to normal-- minus the shaved patch and three stitches in her side.

Here she is, all woozy.


Poor little pup! I am so very incredibly fond of this little dog. Having her for nearly four years has truly made me believe the old adage that dogs really are man's best friend.

There will be some viola-ing tomorrow, I promise.

Until then, happy practicing.