Back to normal.

After the excitement of Monday, I just couldn't get myself to report on the daily happenings of yesterday. So here I am after a day's break in blogging, and while I don't have amazing experiences with world-famous artists to report, I think I had a pretty good day.

Wednesdays, in general, are an "easy" day, in that I only teach three lessons, have quartet rehearsal, and teach studio class. So I taught three productive lessons today, and actually had a very productive quartet rehearsal, even though one member was out of town.

Studio class was the highlight of my day. Almost all of my students played, and each of them is already progressing in their playing. What I was very proud to see was the especially-prone-to-performance-anxiety students get up in front of their peers, and PERFORM. It's not easy for a lot of people, so Studio is there for us to work out the kinks in a warm and supportive environment, and almost everyone embraced that opportunity.

To finish out the day, I finally I went back to the Rec Center! It had been days, and it was much needed. I ran just over two miles on the track again, and think I'll start trying to increase my length of time running, instead of counting laps around the track to tally distance. I also finally went back to the climbing wall. It feels like eons since I've been climbing, so it was good to get back to it. I am pretty weak in my forearms, but I was happy to see I still had some "moves" left. The guy I was climbing with complemented me on a specific move I did to get a high right foot. That was nice, and made me feel better about my otherwise total lack of climbing!

So, I think perhaps these next few weeks will be "regular," whatever that means in academia! It will be nice to have a week where nothing in my schedule changes-- we'll see if that actually works out!

Happy practicing!