Wow, it was a LONG day. I taught a private lesson this morning (it's so great showing kids new techniques and seeing their eyes light up once they understand how my suggestion will make their life easier!), and then listened to auditions all day long, essentially from 10:20 am until 6:30 pm. There were a few breaks here and there, but all in all, it was a very full day. It was great though, getting to know the string students at Tech a little better. I am so excited to work with my 16 violists and to coach chamber groups.

After work I stopped by the Information Technology help center, as my mail program will not send mail when hooked up to the TTU wireless network. I figured it would be a fairly quick fix, but after being there for two hours and having no answer, I decided to just go home.

So all in all, I was away from home for more than 12 hours today, and I didn't get to my email issues fixed nor did I go to the gym or practice. Boo. I know it's just the beginning of the semester fullness, so I am hopeful things will be more evenly distributed next week and in the following weeks!

First studio class tomorrow afternoon. Fun!

Happy practicing.