This afternoon I won the position of Principal Viola with the Lubbock Symphony. I am looking forward to this new leadership role-- it should be an interesting and rewarding challenge.

But this morning my bow decided that it would not tighten past a barely-usable tightness, and the mother-of-pearl inlay strip on the bottom of the frog popped out. So I need to get my bow serviced. Sigh.

This evening I went to the School of Music faculty and staff get together. It was wonderful. I have never worked at a place where my colleagues are so warm and inviting. I really feel as though I've been adopted in to this family, and everyone is so NICE. It's almost overwhelming! I am so excited about this year.

And tomorrow classes start! I will be listening to many string auditions in the next few days, but I'll also have time to practice recital music! Yay!

So... happy practicing!