Day of rest?

It has been a good day. Today was the last day I'll have completely off before the semester starts. Once that happens, I have no idea how busy I'll be on a regular basis. It's exciting and a little frightening, but mostly exciting. Ah, life transitions!

I'm feeling really good about my audition materials for tomorrow's LSO audition. Before my audition I am meeting with two of my new TTU students who wanted help with their audition music-- for the TTU Symphony. It'll be a viola-filled Sunday, and there's no way I can complain about that! But I am looking forward to the audition being over. It will be nice to be able to focus all of my practice time on recital and quartet music.

Speaking of quartet-- the Botticelli Quartet, which is the TTU faculty quartet, hasn't yet started rehearsals. Teaching requirements take precedence at the beginning of the semester, and we must listen to our students' auditions and place them in chamber groups, which I imagine will take up a lot of this week, and then we will finally be able to start working together. I'm very much looking forward to that too. We plan on performing the Debussy quartet and Beethoven's "Harp" quartet.

I'll let you know how my audition goes! Until then... happy practicing.