Another day of almost no practicing! Argh!

But I did find a few minutes this morning and tried yet another fingering for the opening of the second movement of the Reger:

So now I'm starting in a stretchy third/fourth position, going to fourth, then back to stretchy third/fourth. It's an unusual fingering, but thankfully I have big enough hands to where I can stretch it out and be in tune, way more successfully than the other fingerings I'd previously tried.

It's fun playing around with stuff like this! Yay viola. :)

Tomorrow is my first official day of work. Nothing happens until the faculty meeting at 4, however, so I look forward to some good practicing before I head to Tech and a room full of new colleagues.

I also finally got to use the Rec Center today! I ran around the track nine times (which is just over a mile-- I didn't want to overdo it on my first day!) then used the stair climber for 20 minutes, worked out my abs, then bouldered and climbed a little. It was so good to be active again. As I was getting toward the top of the rock wall on the first climb, which is about 45-50 feet, I started to feel a little panicky. Amazing how not climbing for so long can affect my sense of security on the wall... I knew everything would be okay even if I fell, but being away from it for so long does strange things to my head. Clearly the answer is more climbing more frequently!

I'm hoping to catch a yoga class at the Rec Center tomorrow evening-- if the meeting doesn't last too long.

Until tomorrow, happy practicing!