To blog or not to blog...

That's not really what Shakespeare wrote, of course, but it makes for a good title for today's post... Because I feel like I have nothing to write about. But here I am, writing none-the-less.

It has been a completely uneventful Friday in Lubbock. What, oh what, can I write about?

Well, I don't yet have privileges to the amazing Rec Center, BUT I did secure a parking space for myself today. Woo! Now I can park at work without fear of being ticketed-- that is a relief! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Rec Center access early next week.

And I think I have finalized the program for my upcoming recital, so that's pretty exciting! Brahms, Mozart, Schulhoff, and perhaps some Vieuxtemps to start it all off... Not sure on Vieuxtemps yet, but seeing as it is a solo piece, I can take a little longer to decide. Would YOU want to hear it?

I'll have more to post on my recital when rehearsals begin, but for now, mark your calendars: Tuesday 9 October 2012 at 7:30 PM in Hemmle Recital Hall at Texas Tech University.

Happy practicing!