A taste of things to come.

I met with one of my new Tech students this evening. He is also taking the Lubbock Symphony audition, and wanted some feedback on his audition repertoire. It was great! We worked together for more than an hour, but the time flew by. I am so excited for school to start... or shall I call it work? To be able to communicate musical and "violistic" ideas to a group of students who are eager to learn-- what an opportunity! And all I have to do to fulfill my job requirements is to teach viola and play viola? Yes please.

In other news, when I got up this morning it was overcast, and not insanely hot, so I went for my first run in AGES. It was hard, but it felt good. I definitely didn't break any records, but I managed to pull two miles from my out-of-shape self (this is slightly embarrassing, as at one point a few months ago I was running 4-5 miles every other day).

It also seems that the paperwork for me to get my employee number at Tech is finally moving forward, which means I should soon be able to go to the gym. At last! I look forward to working out again. Having been unable to work out for the last few months (read: having been too lazy and hot to try to exercise outside in a Texas summer)  has definitely left me antsy and eager to get to the gym again. I have heard the Tech Recreation Center is fantastic. Just look at this amazing pool complex!

Oh, and the buzz in my viola seems to have worked itself out. Strange, but I'll take it! I am so lucky to have such an amazing-sounding instrument... I really enjoyed making beautiful viola sounds today. I'm so glad that metallic buzz decided to leave-- Don Juan is back to breaking hearts.

Happy practicing!