In the beginning...

Wow, well here I am, typing out my very first blog post. I can't help but recall the scene from "Julie and Julia" where Julie Powell sits down to write her first post. Her adventure turned into a movie! I wonder how far mine will go?

While I doubt I will ever be the topic of a movie, it will be great to share my ideas and thoughts about viola, rock climbing, yoga, and knitting... but mostly viola!

Speaking of which... I have an audition coming up for the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. While practicing my Don Juan excerpt earlier this afternoon, I noticed a metallic buzzing sound in a tremolo section towards the bottom of the first page. Hum. I changed my strings a few days ago, and accidentally knocked my bridge askew! I was able to put it back into the right place, as far as I could tell, but now I have this buzz.

I have been told by my colleagues at Texas Tech University that the closest luthier is in Albuquerque NM-- more than a five hour drive! Oh dear. This whole misadventure leads me to believe it would be beneficial to know more about how to care for my instrument. I only know a handful of professional string players who know more than the bare basics (how to change strings, how to remove rosin, checking for open seams, etc.). Like most, I only know the basics.

Why is it that university music programs don't offer String Instrument Repair like they do Brass or Woodwind Repair classes? I went to three top quality music schools, and never saw a string repair class or even seminar offered. 

Apparently I can take a class in July 2013 in Wisconsin... Something to look into, for sure!

Well, that turned out to be a rather long first blog. Phew! Thanks for reading, and see you again tomorrow.

Happy practicing.