Wrapping up.

Yesterday I taught my last lesson of this semester. It was a very good lesson, where one of my undergraduates came with her pianist and we worked on the first movement of the Rebecca Clarke sonata. I love that piece, so it was a lot of fun to teach.

And then in the evening, there was a chamber music concert that featured the student groups the faculty put together at the beginning of the semester. I coached a quartet that performed the second movement of the Ravel quartet, and they were brilliant! Great performances all around-- I was especially moved by the Telemann viola quartet (transcribed from violin) that featured three of my freshman, as well as an older undergraduate. They played so well! It was a really nice way to end the day.

So today is "Dead Day," which sounds horrible to me, but it means that there are no classes or lessons today, the last day before exams start. Tomorrow I will listen to juries all day, and then my semester is truly over. It has flown by, and been really wonderful.

Happy practicing!