And so, another exciting and busy weekend has come to a close. I am exhausted, and the week hasn't even started yet! Oh dear. But, at least I am doing exciting and wonderful things to keep me so exhausted!

This afternoon I performed at the TTU Friends of Music Musicale, and an amazingly lovely home here in Lubbock. We performed the first and last movements of Mendelssohn's Octet, between which other faculty performed more Mendelssohn, as well as a piece by Dvorak. It was a short but perfectly emotional concert.

While Annie Chalex Boyle and Jeffrey Lastrapes performed with Nataliya Sukhina, I was taken aback by the amazing faculty at the Texas Tech University School of Music. My colleagues are truly first-class musicians, and wonderful people too! I could listen to Annie or Jeff or Nataliya play all day long. What a real honor it is for me to work with these amazing musicians!

And then this evening my friend Chuck Seipp performed a faculty trumpet recital. What a clear and beautiful tone he has, no matter what kind of trumpet he plays (and he performed on six different horns!). It truly has been an amazing day of beautiful and emotional music.

I am blessed to be surrounded by so many phenomenal musicians.

Happy practicing!