Back to the grind

Well, it has been a much needed couple of days off! My audition on Tuesday morning went well. Strange things always happen in auditions, it seems, but for the most part, I was really happy with my performance. As I was auditioning for the sub list of a symphony, I won't know until they call whether or not I made the cut. It's an uncomfortable business, not knowing what the committee thought of your playing. I did request comments, but have not yet heard back from the personnel manager.

Approximately an hour after my audition, I got a phone call from one of the universities to which I have applied for a full-time tenure-track position. We set up a phone interview for tomorrow evening, which also happens to be my birthday. Not the best thing to anticipate on your birthday, but there were no other options. But I am very excited about this! I am surprised the school is moving so quickly, but am eager to make a good impression over the phone. Hopefully that will lead to the next step, which, frankly, I'm not sure what is-- Skype interview? Visit to the school?

And so, after two days out of state, I returned to Texas. My boyfriend, James, is a pilot. He actually rented a plane and we flew to outside of Fort Worth, TX, where his parents recently bought a house in an airport community. We landed on the little airstrip that is in his parents' back yard (!) and spent Thanksgiving and Friday with them (Curt and Judy) and James' older brother, Doug, and his wife, Kelly. Here's the airplane, a Piper Cherokee.


It was really great to see James in his element. He's come to so many of my concerts and recitals and such, and I've never seen him fly. It was excellent. He even let me fly the plane! It was a very exciting experience, and a lot of fun. Unfortunately it is quite expensive to rent airplanes, so we probably won't be making a habit of it, but it was definitely an exciting adventure.

Then on Saturday morning we "hopped" up to Denton, where I lived for the last six years, and had lunch with my best friend at one of our favorite places in town. It was extravagant and wonderful. On our way back to Lubbock, we flew over our old house, and that was really excellent too. I don't know Lubbock nearly as well as I do Denton, so flying over Denton was really exciting, as I knew exactly were I was, except up in the air above all of the congested traffic! It was truly exhilarating.

So now it's back to work! Only two more weeks of teaching and other professor duties before the semester ends for me. Wow, it has really flown by!

More soon, and happy practicing!