Well, it has been a long and exhausting couple of weeks. After I finished teaching yesterday, I was invited to go out for some free wine tasting-- but I turned it down in favor of getting groceries and going home to rest. When socializing with friends is just another thing to get done, you know you need a break! Sigh.

I have a massage scheduled for this morning, and then a fairly light day. Only minimal obligations this weekend, so I may actually catch up on sleep and clean the house (which is quite the mess).

I never imagined I would be so tired all of the time. I love my job, I really really do, but it (in addition  to numerous LSO and other gigs) really takes the energy out of me.

So, Mendelssohn Octet this weekend. That should be a lot of fun! More about that after my first rehearsal with the group this evening.

Till then, happy practicing!