I'm sorry I've been out of the blogging sphere for a few days here! It's been a pretty intense week, as my students and I prepare for end of semester recitals and juries. One of my doctoral students is giving her first DMA recital this Sunday evening, so I'm looking forward to hearing the fruition of her hard work.

On Monday I am meeting with a potential incoming freshman for next year, and then flying out of town to audition for the sub list of a symphony... not sure what will happen there, so I won't put a name to the group until I know the outcome!

It's been interesting working on orchestral excerpts again. They are so difficult! So many details that require so much practice, and then when you finally play the piece with an actual symphony, a lot of the details come out differently. I've been working on the Mendelssohn Scherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream for years and years, and I still feel like I need a few more eons to get it perfect. What a difficult excerpt! But then the few times I've played it with orchestra, it goes by fairly easily. Excerpts are a strange reality!

More soon. Happy practicing!