Quick post

Things are amazing! I'm enjoying my time in Brazil very much so far. Everyone is so kind and the students are so eager to learn, though it is a little strange not being able to communicate in their native language. Thankfully Daphne Gerling is fluent in Portuguese and our "Tag Team Tuttle Teaching" is working really well. It's hard to believe that three days ago we'd never met! It speaks volumes for our mentors that she and I share so many similar ideas, though of course we word them differently. When she explains things in Portuguese, I feel like can almost understand what she's talking about, as the gestures and viola-related motions are the same regardless of language!

I am going to perform the Reger Suite at tonight's performance, which starts in about an hour and a half. I played it for Daphne this afternoon, and she gave me a compliment that I think will stay with me for a long long time-- she said that watching me play was like seeing all of the best parts of Carol Rodland's and Susan Dubois' teaching. Wow. :) That's exactly for what I've been striving all of these years of viola practicing!

So, very happy practicing today!

Hopefully I'll be able to write another update tomorrow-- if not, stay tuned.