Uberlandia Brazil

So far, so good! The flight from Lubbock to DFW was uneventful. I met my colleague Jeff Lastrapes (the cello professor at TTU) at the airport and we ate a bit before going to Dallas. In Dallas we hung out some more (love Terminal D-- if you have to hang out at an American airport, DFW's terminal D is about as nice as it gets) and boarded our AA 777 flight to Sao Paulo. AA employees are fighting with the company at the moment, so our flight was delayed by more than 2.5 hours... but finally we got in the air, and all was fine. I slept a little and watched two movies.

In Sao Paulo we picked up our luggage and checked in to our domestic flight, and enjoyed some amazing Brazilian coffee and cheese-bread balls. I'm not sure what they're called, but they're delicious.

Security in Sao Paulo was a lot less stringent than in the US-- I didn't have to remove my computer from the bag, or take off my shoes, or even get rid of the bottle of water I had in my bag. No questions asked. But that also meant no problems with my viola, which is always a little scary.

And finally we landed in Uberlandia!


Daphne Gerling had just landed as well. Her family is the one who created and runs this music festival. I hadn't actually met her yet, but was greeted with a hug and a smile. Eventually we found our way to the hotel, where Jeff and some of the other professors are staying, and then onward to Cora's house (Daphne's grandmother, who started the music festival in the 1950s!) where we had a little food, and finally Marcia, Daphne's second cousin, took me to her apartment, which is where I'll be staying this week. I took a shower and refreshed myself, and then we went back to the city for the opening concert of the Festival de Cordas Nathan Schwartzman. A cello choir (7 cellos) played some really amazing music, including great arrangements of Piazolla. I was pretty sleepy, unfortunately, so wasn't the best audience member.

And finally after a meeting, Marcia and I went back home where we had a little late dinner, and went to bed! I slept like a rock, though I must admit the city sounds kept me up for a little while. Though I've lived in cities for many years of my life, the last six years I've been in the quiet Texas suburbs. Funny hour the body adapts. :)

So now it's Monday morning and I now need to practice! I'm performing the Reger suite tomorrow night, and we start chamber music rehearsals tomorrow as well-- I'll be playing the Trout Quintet with other professors here.

So, more later. :)

Happy practicing!